Sep 23, 2016

Photos & Videos of my C2S

I won't ever be getting a car equal to this one in my opinion.  When I'm ready to buy one again, they'll be out of my price range.  Furhermore, I can't think of a current worthy replacement to the 993 for even $125,000.   There are faster cars, but nothing is the "whole package" like a 993.  Visceral, emotional, historical,  Damn I'm going to miss this car!

eBay listing is here:

I'm in the first 30 seconds of above video. 

I'm at the 24 minute mark.

Hagerty valuation tool used 9/27/2016   link here

Photos taken  9/23/2016 (they are large, so click on them)
Notice the lamps and fogs are not yellowed.  Commonly seen in less loved 993s
Also notice clear indicator lights. (amber ones included too)  Rennsport front plate mount, is removable w/no screw holes.

Turbo twist wheels are hollow in the 993 C2S, not in the C4S.  Lighter, cooler, expensive.
You should assume they are perfect and w/out curb rash.  You'd be assuming correctly.
Some wear here. click for recovering info
not yellowed
not yellowed either
Note: the airwall is not pictured, but it is not torn like on many Carreras
Note:   Door pockets aren't crushed or sagging.  (this is common)
Magazines it's pictured in.  

Don't EVER buy a car w/o a Factory radio.
These aren't wired like a Sony, so a lot of cutting happens.

 Shifters cost over $500 so check for wear.

A somewhat comparable auction closed on 29th. 
Less miles, but older & a much more common color, and drive train.  

Taken over past 5 years

Photos  6 yrs ago.

Documentation is complete as indicated by a huge binder of receipts:
·        1997 July this 1998 Carrera S was born and bought in October by  Dina M Austin TX
·         1998 Nov 15,000mi Service Robert Beasley Porsche/Saab
·         2000 July 30,000mi Service Robert Beasley Porsche/Saab
·         2002 March 45,000mi Service Robert Beasley Porsche/Saab
·         2004 sold to Samuel J of Gayson GA
·         2005 60,000mi service: Plugs,  pads rotors  by Jack Lewis LTD
·         2007 New Clutch at 69,000mi
·         2007 Sold to Bruce M  of Wayazata, MN  (he drove it less than 2500 miles)
Clear signal markers was an easy and gratifying project.  
        2010 Sold to Kelly S of Seattle (drove about 1K miles,)  Kelly did significant work on the car
·                       paint correction cut/buff etc.
·                       venture shield installed (rockguard stuff)
·                       photos of his detailing of the car (very high resolution)  are here.
                    4 wheel alignment.
·                       70K mi  belts, rotor, plugs, wires, pollen filters, valve covers too and seals.
ROW Suspension level, I don't know what these are, but it handles like new
and rides the same height as the European cars.  No receipts for suspension work can be found.

 2011 Kelly sells to me  (making me 3rd owner to drive over 3K miles)
·                         2 wheels were  straightened and refinished
d                     Brake fluid &  Tranny flush  (while wheels were off the car)
·                         installed front protection bar, Carnewal
·                         installed aluminum Porsche OEM shifter (Thanks Rudy!),
·                         P-Car Mount, installed for phone
·                         Pad-Keeper installed, a must have accessory
·                         tiny plastic bits and switches to clean up cracked stuff etc.
·                         fog lights refurbished
·                         installed euro indicators. 
·                         calipers painted Guards red and "S" painted to match
·                         Porsche console cup holder (instead of cassette storage device)
·                         Fender blemish and door strap repair.  (Apex Premier Porsche restorer, Denver)

  This is how a repaired door strap should look.
If you aren't checking these you don't know 911s.
Go study.

  The condition and appearance of the Glacier white never ceases to amaze people, including me.  It's been pictured in Spiel twice and HighGear magazine once.  Porsche USA has Tweeted photos of the car as well (if you are interested in such things).  Lastly, Griots Garage has asked for some photos taken at their facility.  I have not saved the catalog photo though. 
This fender was resprayed after a garage mishap.  Looked bad, but was easily fixed.
That paintless dent repair is amazing.  but we still needed a little paint to make it 100%.
Work done by Apex auto in Denver.  A premier Porsche restoration shop did.  
My experience with this car has been an open book,  I live on Facebook so whatever I’ve done or experienced can be found on the 993Rennlisters  Facebook page or here on this blog.

Deep cleaning, I do this after every drive.  Can't be too clean..

I was a “founding father” of 993 Fest, which means I didn't do shit but did show up to the first two events Nathan graciously hosted.    So the cars been seen at that event in 2012 and 2013.  So if you don't recall meeting me (I'm not too memorable) you may recall the car.

Porsche Padkeeper and Mobil 1 oil sticker are installed but not pictured. 

Brakes done in the garage. Easy project.  But since it was done by me,
it won't be on the Carfax.  Damn!

SAIC  (secondary air inlet something or others)   I’ve seen this plenty of times, and every OBD2 car can see it eventually.  Mine tripped a CEL code twice  4 years ago, I cleared the code and it has never returned because my mechanic told me how to drive the car properly.  Ignore the trolls that suggest you rebuild a motor over a light on your dash.

Does it burn oil?   Not a drop….. Of course it burns oil, but not a notable amount.  I don’t track this kind of stuff like some maniacs do.  I’m aware if you burn over a quart/1000 miles you should be alarmed, and I’m not alarmed.

Have I tracked or raced the car?  I have not, nor did Kelly.  But It’s done over 150mph more than once, shame on me.  I've had my fill of track days, and would track a cheaper car but not this one.  I have done a  DE day, to familiarize myself, but this was low speed stuff for 4 hours.

Storage,  I’ve had it under a spandex cover in a heated garage since I bought it.   Not an operating room, just a regular garage with a couple space heaters.  I now use a bunch of packing blankets too, since the kid wanders about with sharp objects.