Jul 11, 2016

Be cool AND take the kids to school too. Volvo "R" Cars.

This car is a perfect example of how you have no excuse to not remain a Car Guy even if you have triplets.   

This example, while perhaps cooler than any others you'll find,  serves as a good example of of just how cool you could eventually be.   Once you siphon enough enough a little money out of that college fund.   

If you don't know the V70R, then your life is not complete.  So read these:

These are about 10 yrs old, so though they had a sticker price of around $50K, they are killer deals now.    Sold in the states from 2004 to 2007, this one pictured is a 2005. That R tells says to those in-the-know it has a turbo 5-cyl,  300hp and 295ft/lbs of torque. The aluminum lower spoiler says the owner knows a guy who works w/metal.  

Yep, a Volvo V70R can haul the kids, and that black Labrador too.  All the while, you'll still get that esoteric car guy nod from your peeps.  _ fist-bump_ 

The Ohlins electronic suspension had 3 modes  :  comfort/sport/advanced.  Stick with Sport mode if going to the dog park, Labradors have sensitive stomachs.      I think I have Ohlins on my motorcycle too.

Oh, this rear bumper is a euro version, so settle down cuz your V70R won't be that cool.   These had a cool factory sub woofer that sat in the spare tire.  It was optional.  

   Hop in everbody, we've got to get to Ikea and FAST!
0-60MPH - 5.9 SEC is pretty quick for when late for girl scouts    This one is a bit lower than the OEM ride height.  If you are used to driving sports cars, it's manageable.  Just don't loan it to "you know who."

Living in a flatter area would be wise if you lower your V70R like this one.  Interesting note, because of the snowplow use in Boulder, you have very few speed bumps to worry about here.   
6 Speed M66 Manual Transmission to be exact. 
You know what that is?  It's a goddamn stick shift.   In your wagon Jack!  I think your pectoral muscles just twitched a little bit.  Now go get that tattoo you wanted, you manly bastard.  

Common enough (over 3000 V70Rs were sent to the USA) you won't park next to many in this blue color. I think it's Magic Blue Metallic.  

When test driving, I was able to stuff my son in the back seat w/out a booster.  Apparently Volvo has factory boosters.   I don't know if this is sad or cool.    I do know there were a shit load of Lego's sprinkled all over the floor in this thing.    

This isn't a close up, buy you've got a zoom button i'm sure.  Those are factory 4 Piston Front + Rear Brembo Brakes, so hold on to your Starbucks and snap down those sippy cup lids girls!

In my personal case, I drive a old 4 door 4X4 truck and an older Porsche 911,  but if you have only one parking space this could do the work of both quite nicely.   Just don't blame me if you try to haul gravel or topsoil with one.

I hope you don't overlook that these are AWD,   
Can't you just see that ski rack now?

Now onto why you are better off buying one rather than building one.  If you are inclined to upgrade and modify, then you'll save big time finishing off someone else's project compared to starting your own project.  At least from a financial perspective.

Examples of quality stuff to look for in your Craigslist shopping.  
  • K26 Turbo Upgrade   
  • JZW CUSTOM Tune  
  • IPD Lowering Springs 
  • IPD Track Spec Sway Bars (25 MM FRONT, 28 MM REAR)    
  • Snabb Intake   
  • Bell Front Mount Intercooler  - very expensive stuff
  • HID Fog Lights 
  • 18" factory PEG's –( these came with 17"s) 
  •  S60R Factory Aero Kit Retrofit To V70 Body  (just kidding, you won't find that anywhere, the one pictured is the only  V70R done this way.

The car pictured has all the items above and more, but then again the owner Brett Borders
Manages a specialty shop, www.swedishmotorsinc.com so it might be overly optimistic to find many cars w/ALL these upgrades.

Car is currently for sale http://boulder.craigslist.org/cto/5663310455.html  to make more room for a Polestar.  That's how I talked the owner out of the photos and a few hours of "test driving"    Hey,  a blog has to be good for something right?

Apr 4, 2016

Rudy Mancinas and I kick some asphalt.

A group meetup of four and a group ride for Rudy and I.   Seems simple enough, but it was AWESOME.
Actually this was a crappy photo before I cropped out a truck,  my dash and an overpass
When Rudy hits the road, people online know what's happening.  Another Porsche just left the market and is getting parked in his little garage in Texas.  We all get quite excited because we are living our dreams vicariously through him.   The C4S above he sourced from Wichita Kansas.  

Who's Rudy you ask?  Were you born yesterday?

Read this:  

Rudy Mancinas Porsche Collection - Hypebeast

Or this:
watch this:

Now you may read on because you can understand that  Rudy is the Jay Leno of Porsche 993s.  

Rudy in Kansas, loaded up his one owner C4S. No I didn't ask permission to use his picture.
A Pad Keeper could have easily been mailed, but that wouldn't be any fun now would it?  Rudy was already on the road after fetching the car.  Why not make it a road trip?  

Off to Colorado

David Etter's Pad Keeper is an obvious Rudification and David lives outside of Denver.  No drilling or mods, so uptight purists can embrace these too. They cost $159 which is cheap enough. Heck, if it was an OEM part Porsche would charge $500 like they do for shift knobs and cigarette lighters.  One is pictured below, just in case you are the last man on earth and haven't seen one.   
Porsche  heat/sound insulation usually  looks like a saggy diaper that leaks.. 
The Pad Keeper below keeps everything looking nice and tidy,  permanently.
Rudy asked if I wanted to join him and David  to grab a coffee or something.  If talking about buying a Porsche is fun, just imagine talking w/someone who's purchased dozens.   Oh, and "or something" translates to driving if you didn't know.  Does a bear crap in the woods?  Hell yes, I'll meet up.  I dropped everything and made this short notice invite happen.

People here are models of course, we aren't this good looking.
Due to such short notice our group was small.  David arrived on the scene with his goodies. Rudy stocked up for the all cars he'd recently bought,  I scored a Pad Keeper for myself, paid for by barter.  I offered David  50% of my blog earnings for 10 years, he doesn't know that will come to about 10 bucks. 

These, and Idaho potatoes, are the only two things still manufactured in the USA
You'll note some of the Pad Keepers are different sizes above,  David explained although all Porsche 911 engine compartments look similar they are not; to fit properly, several fitments are actually required.   Here's a link to a  little chatter on Pelican's forum about them

White car is my C2S, the grey car is the new Toyota model 24. They look similar don't they?
We discussed important worldly issues at Brooklyn's in Denver, like everyone's love of the BMW 2002.  Rudy's use of  NB cars as place holder "investments" till the right WB car comes along. How that practice has benefited other enthusiasts when he sells these "Rudified" NB cars. David shared details on some cool things he's developing.   Debated if Kim Kardashian was more like a C4S or a RWB.  Okay so I made that one up.  Lastly, we appreciated the anonymity of forums and how you can get advice from people w/out a drivers license.   

Everyone knows a C2S is MUCH faster than a C4S, Rudy did his best to keep up w/me..
A quick consult with David for a driving route was in order at this point. (I-70 then up Central City Casino Parkway)  Though I'm here in Colorado, I've actually driven less than 1000 miles since moving here 2yrs ago.  New job and new child have kept me pretty distracted.  Neither Rudy nor I knew Colorado at all.  David recommend a run up to Central City. 

Not secluded roads by any means, but this was a spur of the moment drive.
Not an epic journey from Denver, but it was a beautiful Colorado spring day and the Continental Divide does not disappoint EVER.  We enjoyed every minute of it.  Rudy's from Houston, so the scenery was more than mildly interesting for a "Flat-lander."   Can I call people that if I'm from Seattle? 
Not a damn Starbucks anywhere to be found.  I'll be writing the mayor.
We've debated the roads of various states online often.  I'll weigh in on that subject for a moment.  In Colorado you cannot have a lawyer fight your speeding tickets.  Also, Colorado is very hard on paint; the sand, salt (MgCl), and pebbles litter the center of the road.   These are all big minuses for Colorado.
The MD  who owned the car told Rudy he'd never exceeded 75mph   
 This has been resolved.
The mountain roads, the scenery, the high speed limits, and clear blue skies make up for those shortcomings with a little help from an expensive radar detector and  quality Rock Guard coating (or the equivalent).  I'm opting for a full wrap when funds are ample.

[ you know what Starbucks look like?  Insert a photo here for yourself then]

We wrapped up our drive at Starbucks.  Watched admirers photograph our cars;  that never gets old. Reviewed our photos and reflected on the glory of our ride.   Another internet friendship realized with a face to face encounter.

Rudy sure is a lucky guy to have met a famous blogger like me.

(Rudy, David: It was a real pleasure.  Thanks for the invite)

Mar 27, 2016

The fender tale

 I backed my old Ford F-150 right into the fender of my Glacier White 1998 Carrera-S.

This is what an intact fender looks like.
For those of you who have never seen a dentless car.

The wife and my mother rejoiced, thankful they hadn't done it themselves. Apparently they've lived w/this fear a long time.   Meanwhile,  I sulked around for a few days,  I think I may throw up.

I didn’t eat for 2 days but eventually did find the strength to share my sorrow with my closest dear friends, the internet.  So I commenced posting on social media.  Nobody's got real in-the-flesh friends anymore right?  I sure hope its not just me..

with love like this, I know he's taking it to prom.
As long as I don't do anything stupid again.
Seeking advise on the internet, it usually proves to be  worth exactly what you paid for it.  
   "it's totaled dude, sell it to me"  (Sure,  I'll just get the value from Edmunds.com too)
   "have you tried fender flares?"   (I don't typically put whip cream on shit, but i'll try it.)
   "try dry ice"   (Cool idea,hehe)
   "hey, that happened to my Camry once dude"  (Why are you on a sports car group?)
   "how's the truck?    (who gives a shit about the truck?)

Someone asked "hows the truck".... Who cares?.
But for all you lumberjacks:  the trucks fine.

Among the turdlets of advice some reasonable feedback emerged from my Facebook Porsche group. Makes sense, since these 2700 guys and gals ARE the probably the entire 993 market.
Here we demonstrate how Glacier white is superior to all other Porsche colors.

 I wanted a repair that was beyond reproach.  A proper repair would retain value and help fill the hole in my heart.  I know I may have mental problems here, but even though the car will probably never be sold, I didn't want to devalue it further.  

White is photogenic,  which is why I'm in this photo I suspect.
Being the coolest car at every event is a huge responsibility.
The consensus of non crappy advice was as follows:. 
1       Take a Delorean back in time, buy back-up sensors for the truck and install. Avoid accident. 
            A hot tub time machine could work, but I prefer an automotive theme here.
2       Paint-less dent repair  (PDR)
       Preserves the original fender and original paint.  They can  do some amazing repairs.
3       Push to Paint.  Essentially Paint-less dent repair, with some painting too.  
            this is misrepresented as PDR quite often, but it is not technically PDR.
            most of those amazing before and after PDR photos you see, are push to paint. 
      Preserves the original fender, but some paint work is needed.
4      Replace with a new fender.  Not cheap for an "S" model like mine.
            Affixed in the same manner Porsche did in the ‘90s.  
            Porsche attaches fenders a bit differently than Chevy does 
            This is a why you want a Porsche restorer,  and NOT just a body shop

Turn left, and cough please.
Porsche fenders are affixed and  adhered to the chassis via a significant amount of undercoating.  Some call it bonded.  This aids the great 911 rigidity.  You don't want to remove it unless you know what you doing.   Frankly, you don't remove it at all if possible.  Replacing one should be done in the same fashion Porsche would do it, so you want a restorer, not a body shop,
  Porsche prices are low for  some used ones but cost of ownership isn't.  If you want easy, try a Mustang or Camaro instead.
While interweb "Peeps" kept telling me stories like "my guy fixed a totaled car w/a popsicle stick and Paint-less Dent Repair," The restorers and body shops all gave the different answer, that I may  need to replace the fender to do it right.  This go me bumming-hard.

I did speak to one guy, who told me stories of amazing repairs he'd done to refrigerators and Subarus,  (it there a difference?).  But again, the other testimonials still kept coming.   I will have to give this  option adequate consideration.
Apex certainly seemed like a Porsche friendly environment.  Of course 993's are not lead based painted, they are water based.  But that does not mean the paint is still available.  Of course it's not, so it would be best if your painter has matched colors to these cars before.   You don't want to just match the color, you want the texture and how is ages in sun and shade to be similar too.  This is where having a black car is much easier..

Apex Auto Body in Denver was where the car ended up after several recommendations.  A quick look around, and I knew I had landed in the right place.   Dave Imes, the owner, was a confident and knowledgeable Porsche enthusiast.   We agreed that he’d start working once we had the materials on hand for any of the above scenarios.  So I bought a fender and had it shipped to him.  We'd later return that fender for a refund because the dent did push nicely. No popsicles were harmed in the process)
Credibility,  yep.
I think what sat well with me was that Dave wanted to do whatever was most right for my car, price and process were secondary to both of us.   
Metal work, and perhaps a few other "minor" things to do.
I think this car hit a small bird or something,  things snowball sometimes at body shops
 The plan was to work the metal just in case it worked out, then paint. There was no way the paint would survive.  If that  didn’t meet our expectations, then the new fender was there and ready, like Maverick on Ready Five in Top Gun.    

 That yellow one is a real RS
9 o-clock position is a Sunbeam Tiger.
Unpictured is an early CSX Shelby Cobra.
This red 911 is in for pinstripes I think. 
Surprise!  It worked out more perfectly than planned.  
I was  expecting we'd have to install the new fender, but the dent pushed out very well.   The original fender was saved, but did indeed require paint.  Dave matched the Glacier white fantastically.   Hell, he even got the orange peel matched right too.

1st in my history of car repair, it came back below the estimate we discussed.
I maintained my composure and resisted hugging Dave at this point.  

Right as rain,  catch the cool vette in the background.
Nearly invisible is the twin turbo water cooler behind me.
This isn’t a fairy tale, so somethings got to be  wrong right? I did find imperfections.  When home, I found a scuff, that I buffed out in 2 minutes.  I also found a visible tape line on a return edge of the fender under the hood.  I never called about this, just sanded it myself.   I’m sure Dave would have preferred I bring it back in for that sanding, he struck me as a perfectionist.   I was too impatient, and being no stranger to such work, I couldn't resist doing it myself.  It made me feel like I did the repair.  

Back in my garage,  Yes I know, I need to paint the walls.
I'm busy.  But you will note I have have a very many toolbox.  

Now, on the buying those reverse sensors on amazon.com for the truck I guess.   
   The end


Fixing other things.    (as long as i've made the trip to a body shop)
 As long as the car was in the shop, I had them weld up my door strap properly.  It was in sad shape, like many driven 911 door strap and was repaired improperly.  

This is what a poor repair looks like.  My cars Achilles heal

Door off, then reweld the door strap properly.
Sometimes the door must get a new skin,  not mine.  Yikes.
you can see here, door pulled the welded sections strap right through.
This runs $1000 to fix well, but can be much worse if neglected too long..

I plan on returning to Apex for front and rear bumper respraying at some point.
Then onto a detailer for  some rock guarding film  reapplied.  I'll be opting for full frontal coverage, Colorado is hard on paint.

No self respecting car guy is EVER finished.  

Apr 4, 2014

The Poor Man's Guide to the Barrett-Jackson Auction

'35 Packard Convertible.  What you expect at Barrett-Jackson.
I'm interested in who this sells to,  but it aint gonna be me. 

Don't be stupid, This is not a Poor Man's Guide.  That guide would be simple: Stay Home!

 But if you find yourself accidentally at the auction with your child's college fund available, you could sneek off with something interesting.

This is not what I'm talking about.    This Camaro is way too cool for you.
So stop staring at it and keep looking, no wonder you don't have a sports car. 

Barrett-Jackson, Palm Beach is coming April 11th, and I'll be glued to the television.  These cars pictured  will be up for auction and I'll be watching them instead of the the "blue chip"cars. They aren't Bugattis, Packards, or Boyd Coddington Customs.  They might just be the auction "misfits", and an opportunity for a awesome deal.

Flawless # matching V8 4 speed Mustang.  This isn't gonna go cheap.
So stop looking. These are not the cars you're looking for. Move along.

I haven't blogged in a while,  so you thought I was dead didn't you.  Nope, just moving, having a son born, and starting a new career.  Now onto business.

To clarify, I'm calling these perfectly nice automobiles misfits because the bar is set pretty high at Barrett-Jackson.  Meaning the cars are usually impeccable, original and unmolested or alternately, modified to a highly custom degree. Like Foose machines on Overhaulin for example.  That said, the attendees may not be looking for cars that don't fit clearly into one of those two camps.  Other auctions might be different, but this is a pretty upscale affair.
'68 "custom" with wrong paint and wheels mean this might just go cheaper.
Unoriginality can be your friend when you don't want to pay a premium.
A bit too flashy for me, buy it, and sell off those hideous wheels ASAP.
An "all wrong" Camaro, done well like this would be nice for $25K

Like any red blooded car guy, I would really like to go, but the real world is keeping me from it.  Not to buy, but just for the fun of spotting cars for the average guy. Spotting cars that may not fetch big bucks is big fun.  After all, anyone can pay top dollar for a super-star automobile, but spotting the cars that might be worth more to you, and  less to others takes talent, or experience, or luck, or humility, or something....  I don't know what you call it, but it is a very important skill and I've got it. So pay attention, and help me find a way to get paid for it while you are here....  

Typically not an auction type car,  the BMW M3 is a hoot of an overlooked convertible, and safe.
Though this has staggeringly low miles many may pass on it,  two big factors may be in you favor
The SMG is a better tranny but unpopular, especially when you need a hand free for your baby's bottle.
Also M3 fans don't like convertibles, they are heavier and slower.     So that's a win if you don't care..
Low miles if these are under $30K they are an amazing value.  High miles, think $15K if you luckly

Perhaps we'll call this Money Ball for cars. 
I recall a misfit from a past Vegas Barrett-Jackson auction.  My Aunt Dee's GTO, she bought it cheap if memory serves me correctly.   It was all alone on the auction block, lost in a sea of super perfect cars and bidding frenzies.  Like the undercard at a boxing match, people may or may not pay attention. Budget minded car guys should pay attention at these moments, because its our time to strike.  

This GTO was bought in Vegas and is exactly what i'm talking about. I'll explain:
Nice, but wrong wheels, B quality paint, wrong tranny and poorly fitted panels.
This GTO went cheaper than others and is a super car to actually DRIVE now.
Currently your budget may be more about Matchbox cars, and premium coffee.  But pay attention and watch every minute of the auction on television.  When did Noah build the arc?  Before he had the spare cash for a convertible, that's when?  Seriously,  it's nearly as much fun to watch as it is to buy at Barrett-Jackson. Seeing cool cars go for reasonable money, might be sad for the seller but screw him. It gives us hope for my own collection some day, once we find an 8 car garage, with a modest shanty attached for our family.

'92 Fox Body Mustang.  This could go completely ignored and is quite a car.
LX Summer Editions are rare and ea$y to own, the market for these hasn't begun yet.
Most 90's Fox Body Stangs are hideous, but his one will prove a collector eventually,
I dig it, but you'll need to get your wife on board, which if you are me, it won't be easy.
If under 40,000 miles, these will be worth $20K.  Over that mileage: figure half that.

Lots of people are watching the big dollar cars, and that's just fine.  I'm keen on the cars that will be washed with soap from under the kitchen sink, not the ones that will be detailed at auto-salons.  No offense to auto-salons of course, I'd love to own one some day.     It's these auction misfits, that might go cheap, and more importantly inspire me to scour Craigslist for similar hidden value.  Meanwhile we can all watch an hone our skills at spotting these misfits.

1970 Oldsmobile 442 convertible.  Typically a W30 powered car goes for mad money.
The catch is this is a fake W30,  so it might attract less attention from serious collectors.
Who cares if the numbers match, you're going to change diapers in the back seat anyway.
 If it goes for under $45K you need this car, and an Exxon credit card.
Let me stop right in the middle of this blog and apologize for my style departure.  I have not been the smart-ass that you have come accustomed to.  Rest assured, I'm am still full of contempt for you and myself for not owning one of these cars already.  Apparently being a wise ass, requires more time and focus than I currently have. I'm hiring an assistant who works for animal crackers, but not much help yet.

We are focusing on convertibles for one good reason.  It's spring, and the sun is coming out. Convertibles in spring are not a good idea frankly, and certainly unoriginal,   These cars would all go cheaper if snow were on the ground, so basically this blog ain't worth shit.  Buy hey,  you didn't exactly need a credit card to log into my blog now did you?

1970 Chevelle SS.   Damn nice car, but undocumented.
W/out documentation this might attract less interest and money.
And no, these aren't good in the snow. Dig those stripes?
If this goes for under $45K, buy two of them.

You'll also notice that I've skipped all the two seaters.   Why, because it's my blog, and 2 seaters are dead to me.   I'm not blogging about any car that can't haul my wife and son. The dog on the other hand, can stay home.  Your kid too needs to grow up with a cool dad, so pay attention because you've still got options.  If your wife will loan you your balls for a few hours anyway.

Though popular in Europe, slant nose Porsches are not a hot item in the USA
This one is also a "custom"  911 Slope, so wasn't even a slant nose originally.
So it could be wanted by nobody, and be a deal.  Yep, they've got back seats.
If this went under $25K you couldn't loose as a car to drive regularly.

Make your kid cool by letting him grow up in the back of something better than a minivan. Although the population at the Palm Beach auction might be pretty loyal to some of this older American iron,  these all have some shortcomings that might make then turn out to be misfits. Misfits for the real world use at non-premium auction prices.   As a weekend driver, any one of these cars would cost less than a new Volvo SUV, some might cost less than a year of private school.  Send that kid to public school and give him an education on the open road.

Jan 5, 2014

CSU ECOCAR2 Car Guy Envy

I don't want people to get the wrong idea here on where I stand regarding fuel efficiency; I'm against it.  I prefer a car that accelerates so biblically fast that a hole in the ozone follows it around like a crow follows the son of satan.   BUT... there is no denying that it has gotten pretty damn expensive to drive a Hemi Cuda from NY to LA lately. 

This blog isn't about building efficient cars.  It's about building the car guys of the future.  I was invited to meet a few of these car guys and they are some smart, cool dudes.  I'm jealous of what they are doing, even if it isn't all taking place at the Bonneville Salt Flats or Pikes Peak. 

Okay car guys, be honest... your fingernails just are not as dirty as they used to be, right?  Your only true quality time with your automobile is waxing.  Okay, maybe you shop in the Griots Garage catalog while in the bathroom, but you fondly remember the days when you really got involved. Well, what if this photo below was your classroom back in college? I bet you'd have grease under your nails then!

What did you expect? A Tesla? You've got to start somewhere and small, practical
cars pay the bills.  Then, with your profits you can manufacture something stupid
fast and irresponsible.

Now, you rationalize that you are still a car guy by reading obscure blogs written by other "wanna-be" car guys.  If only you'd ignored those college advisors and your parents.  If only you'd done your physics homework.  Maybe joining mathletes might have been wiser than wrestling or soccer.  Blame your parents; they should have known better. Either way, your best bet is to read this and learn something before your kids leave the nest.  There's still a chance for your offspring to be cool, even if it's too late for you and me. 

Personally, when I look back into my alternate existence, like in one of those movies where you do it all over again.... the life these car guys are living is what I see. 

Instead of one enormous hydrogen cell like in the mass transit buses of England, 
     you'll  see multiple smaller,  albeit less efficient, cells here in CSU's Chevy Malibu.
  It proved a pretty smart  decision because it still makes plenty of power and fits nicely under the hood.  Though, come to think of it, they should have loaned this car to me for some drag racing road tests, I need a lot more road tests in this job.  

It's amazing what some $10 Vistaprint business cards can do.  Someone at Colorado State University got the mistaken impression that I write a blog that people actually read.  I took advantage of the misconception and accepted an invitation to tour the facility and met the students working on their ECOCAR2 Challenge.  I tried to hide my jealousy and actually be happy for them. It wasn't easy. My wife came along and took these photos. I think she came to be sure I actually returned home... I can loose track of time in such situations.

No, they won't explode you moron. They worried about that Hindenburg problem already.  
 The tanks are tougher than a diesel engine block and it's safer than that Accord you're in.
Oh, and stop your complaining - you know damn well you'd buy a car without trunk space 
if it was cool enough. Hell, the Shelby Series One didn't even have a trunk.

Basically these lucky bastards (ok, it's not all luck) here at CSU work on some pretty interesting stuff.  The ECOCAR2 challenge (link)  enables them to work on this hydrogen cell powered car for credit.  Explanation? Go get a degree and explain it to yourself.  Oh, and for the record, that's not the only stuff they work on, see the EAC cars below.. hehe.

Ram Racing.  No cars development is proper w/out some connection to racing.  
No matter how small, I think its essential for the two to mingle in some way. 
Even if its simply making your engineers go to 24 hours of Daytona, just don't separate 
the two completely.  If you don't understand what I'm saying then you probably aren't
fond of the Porsche 918 RSR (link).  Which means you're stupid.

Okay fine, I'll take my  prestigious BA in Chemistry (2.0 GPA) and translate for you laymen:

  • Simply put:  H2 (in the tank) + O2 (in the air) = (via the hydrogen cells) Electricity + water vapor as the only waste product.   
  • Add electric motor, an extension cord and rechargeable battery and you get a FCPHEV (fuel cell plug-in hybrid electric vehicle)

Sure, they don't sell hydrogen at the Safeway fuel station, yet.  But that isn't these student's problem.  They have chosen this system as FCPHEV to the typical gas or diesel hybrids that nearly all the other chicken-shit universities have chosen.  Way to go guys.   

Okay a little suggestion here.  Even though the tailpipe (for water vapor) is small,
 you could still use some oversized chrome here guys.  Just my 2 cents.

Still not sold on alternate fuel vehicles?  How about this: The less fuel others use, the more fuel will be left for you.  So get behind it.

They work on Saturdays, willingly, on cool shit.  Stuff like fuel cells, carbon fiber, user interfaces, dynamometers, EFI computers, hydrogen cells and even motorcycles.  All while people like you and I are raking leaves, walking dogs, or tiling our kitchens.  Sad isn't it?

It's not all ECOCAR2 competition either.  
Check em out, Ram Racing here (link).  
I might have mentioned this before :)

While you posted the names of your favorite car movies on Facebook, these kids worked on optimizing the performance of their Malibu. They utilize the kind of intellectual and fabricating resources we “retail car guys” can only dream about.  They get goodies for free that we would, or have, killed for.  Hell, they have an extra F1 car hanging from the goddam ceiling.  What do you have hanging from your garage ceiling?  Yeah, I've been to your house... it's a Walmart mountain bike!

Most F1 cars can drive inverted at 70 mph due to the wing design.
This one is better, and can actually drive on the ceiling at zero mph.

While you tweeted photos of parking lot cars this morning, they built carbon control arms on their race car.  While you washed the dog, they repaired an eddy current dynamometer. I guess this brings up the important question: are you really a car guy at all?  Which we will need to discuss in a future blog. Don't worry, I think you are. Really.

This is the part makes time travel possible. or was that a DeLorean?

You’ve got a good life and hopefully have a shiny sports car in that 3rd garage space.  But is that job your true calling? Shit no jack! You should have been working with Tesla or tinkering with McLaren by now.  These kids will be doing just that in a few years. Those lucky bastards!  Hell, I know I would have done my homework if I'd met these folks 20 years ago. I could have designed the Pinto-II for Carroll Shelby or something.

You'd smile too if this stuff was your weekend work.

Yep, they've got it better than you and I for sure. I, myself, have digested my envy for now and have even found a moral to this story:  Don’t hate these guys. Rejoice! For they are living our dreams.   

PS:  You'll see the big manufacturers offering this very sort of hydrogen cell concept very soon.  Toyota Honda and Hyundai have recently announced intentions on this very concept.  (link)