May 7, 2017

Project initiation 1997 M3/4/5

For now all you get is pictures and my plan.

 Compete w/those $60-80,000 sport sedans with about $20,000? I think it's possible.  But we will have to apply your car passion to more than just your checking account.   Though the checking account will be involved.  hehe....  Make those checks payable to Dinan please.

A pleasant surprise in my pile of receipts.  Recent significant suspension work. 

I'm so excited and there is nobody to tell....


Starting point,  is the E36 M3 Sedan which I haven't taken delivery yet, but below are some photos as a primer to this blog's new mission.

Why an M3 from the 90's ? Because they are currently way undervalued. They are advanced, but not complex.  Also, they were regarded as one of the best handling cars in the world at any price in the 90s.  Because they are light, which is always cooler than powerful, if you can't have both. ( more in both later )

I don't vape and don't want to be infotained.  That extra weight in fancy new sport sedans is safety, infotainment and emissions stuff.   Who needs safety? Trump has closed the EPA, and  If I wanted to park while vaping on twitter, then a $60,000 sedan would be perfect.    I like the majority of the weight of my automobile to actually be metal.

For more rational reasons this car is cooler than that new Alfa, read this blog and you'll get the spirit of where i'm coming from

Post Purchase inspection.  Typically a smart shopper would do a Pre Purchase inspection.  But I am not a smart person, I'm a luckly one.   I hope .   So we'll call it a  Post Purchase inspection.  I'm a risk taker.

This inspection will occur at Meister Werks in Renton WA and that will clear the car for the drive from Seattle to Boulder when I retrieve it.   While most of the work I'll do at home, whatever important things found may need to be addressed there first. I'll scan and post the results of the inspection here.

 I judge a lot from my impression of the seller.  That impression was good, and given the color combo was important to me,  I needed to move quickly.    A car fax report indicated a non-structural accident, so I am interested to see in person the quality of the repairs.  I was however put at ease by the seller, he mentioned all the right repair and maintenance facilities in our conversation.  An 100% virgin paint condition is a sticking point for some, as is a perfect car fax, not for me.  I see opportunity.
Photo from Autotrader listing.

Upon arrival in Boulder, I'll take the car straight to my personal BMW gurus that helped in the search. That would be,  a broker/dealer for BMW and other nice machines. Though not a repair shop, I'm sure they'll want to rejoice with me and take a look because they are true enthusiasts and not merely sellers of fine autos.   Naturally, I'll share what we find at that time too.
Stay tuned

Apr 1, 2017

My 1984 R100RS BMW

The Ultimate Riding Machine

I'm a car guy, but when money is tight, you need an outlet,  so while between cars I am cleaning up this old BMW for winter entertainment.   I already have a bike for the once a month coffee runs, and I don't ride more than that. 

Why would a car guy fix up a old motorcycle in his vacant garage space? 
 To generate funds for his next car of course

The R100RS is a great GT Bike, for touring.  Not what I do, but it is a handsome machine and it's easy to see why they have a large classic fan base.   

It was in excellent condition when acquired but I freshened it up a bit since it sat unused for over 10 years mostly dried rubber bits, oxidation.  Now it starts instantly,  runs fast, silky smooth running and whisper quiet.  

Deep Jewel Green Metallic, 1984 R100RS.  Crystal clear headlight cover and windscreen.
  As I take these photos and get the bike out in the light, it's quite obvious why these machines are a cult classic.  Nothing looks like an R100RS.
   Bings are all new inside.  Shifter rubber is new.  Petcocks rebuilt, Fuel lines new as well.

Basic work this winter: Oil, transmission, driveshaft, final drive and brake fluids serviced. Carb rebuild, and polishing, petcock rebuilt, new rubber bits, battery and front master cylinder purchased and installed.  Finally some new decals, a lot of soap, wax and viola. Odometers shows 50,000 miles.  Like all BMW guys, the previous owner was a DIY person, which doesn't provider a paper trail, but that really doesn't bother me, if I trust the seller.  But who wouldn't trust an engineer that collects mixers?

Decals are unoriginal, but I had them made to capture my wife's affection.  She's a Packers fan.

I don't know if its the ride height or the weight of the bike, but I have a heck of a time getting on the center stand.  I had to cave and but a Brown Side Stand
Cleaning behind that glass headlight cover is a must.  
People really talk up the Brembos over older brakes,  I don't see that dramatic of a difference compared to my earlier R90
I'd trade  this tail rack for a good old grab rail if i could find one.
But these racks were all the rage, so they are quite common.    
I think the dark green makes me think it's a sherifs patrol bike from my past teenage paranoia
Mufflers were rusted to hell, but luckily my parts bin had an extra set.

  Saddle bags are clean, I like them better than Krausers, they hold helmets better.
Also they don't crack and have good functioning latches.

Cold Start video below

I got the bike lift at Harbor freight.  i'll sell it soon, now that i'm done.
I"m too old to work on my back.

Master Cylinder is brand new. Grips are new, .

Work Performance front and rear suspension,  expensive, dual-spring rate and rebuildable.

 Powder coated wheels offend traditionalists but are great for riders.
Don't you just love stainless bolts?

Decals are monolever design in custom yellow, easily removed if green and yellow isn't your thing,.
But it is my thing, so i'm keeping them.

 Battery is new and secured with aluminum for no good reason.

 Owners manual, factory BMW service manual as well as Clymer and Haynes manuals included.

Corbin's a great, still looking for Corbin backrests that should come with this bike.

 professionally detailed.
There is ample evidence the previous owner was a dedicated technician and understood the importance of quality upkeep.   Judge for yourself.  (see below image and video).  BMW guys are a special breed.

 Contents of two binders pictured above is in video below. 

It's best to expand this video once played, 
so you can read the pages better.

If you want to know more about the Gold R90 in the background (some people have asked),  
I have a blog about it here. 

Jan 24, 2017

Okay, so lets just say I'm between sports cars right now.

No, I didn't ever intend on selling my Carrera.  As a common car-guy it was a very special day when I acquired it and a very sad one when I sold it.   Profit be damned, the car was the ultimate expression of just how cool I really am.  I knew before that auction closed, I'd be back.

When i return, let me tell you how things are going to be:

I will return with Car Guy vengeance!  I will  climb the highest mountain, fast and meditate as long as it takes to come up with the ultimate, and cheap, car guy acquisition.This acquisition will fill my empty soul while I wait for my Lotto ticket to come in and fund my next Porsche

That next acquisition must meet the following criteria.
1. Cost next to nothing.
2. Seat at least 3 people (is the McLaren F1 expensive?)
3. Come in a manual transmission
4. Speak volumes about my genius via it's esoteric coolness
5. It should also be the fastest car I've ever owned.
6. Unnaturally aspirated (helps with the Colorado altitude)

Now enlightened by peyote, or whatever shit those mountain geniuses consume, I will know the car that is this next project.  That project will begin with the search for the perfect machine.  My new found vigor will set Craigslist ablaze with witty emails and texts.  My genius that dazzle jackass online sellers to the point of begging me to take their overpriced cars for free.  

****Time lapse*****

I have visited this mountain and here is what I've come up with.  My mission will be to  solve an important car-guy problem:

How to compete with today's super-sedans on the super cheap

Saab 9-3 Viggen.  A lot of people will think I'm crazy. A Turbo 4 seater with esoteric cachet. This could tide me over for a year or two once I squeeze 300+ hp out if it.   The trick is, finding one with under 100,000 miles and under $15,000 which i'm finding impossible.

Yes, the M3 sedan may seem a little common, but that can be a good thing.  Parts are readily available.  The right wheels, sprinkle a little Dinan here and there,  then hide some enormous Brembos behind those wheels, and you've got something interesting to whomever is paying attention.  Finding a sub 100K example w/manual trans and $15,000 is hard, but shouldn't be impossible, But it is proving a test of one's patience.  (hint: this is where I ended up in my search see link here)

Other Cars i'm open to.
1. Competition Package 2005,6 M3 Coupes w/manual
2. 2006 M3 Convertible, manual tran  V  (not a fan of convertibles unless  really nice)
3. Save for another year, buy a 996TT    
4. Miata Turbo if one becomes available in stock condition locally.   
5. 944 Turbo,  but only when in above average condition. 

Stay tuned

Sep 23, 2016

Photos & Videos of my C2S

Selling the Carrera S

Resolution is poor, using a cheapo camera,  Audio is good. 

Currently listed on Bring a Trailer Auctions.  (click here)

The 993 is the car of a lifetime to me,  glad I got to experience one before they hit the stratosphere. As a car guy of limited means, I will look back on these years with a teary fondness.   

It's a driver, not a collector car.  It just may be the nicest driver's car you'll ever see, at any mileage.  

Rarity?  My guess; there can't be more than 100 6sp Glacier white 993s in America. Excellence magazine puts 1998 C2S US production at 993 units (yes 993).  How many were manual transmission or Glacier white is unknown. Keep in mind Silver and Black were hot in the 90's.   But you can do your own estimate.  Fortunately given the rarity, you can actually drive w/out concern of depreciation.

I'm not a fan of selling it, and am not a salesperson either.  As you can imagine, i've had some strange conversations with odd people with this on the market.  I think I ran off a few good folks out of paranoia.  I think in the future i should lease cars,  then I'll never need to sell them or trade them in. I will catalog the good and the bad of selling this car once this process is complete.  I'm pretty feisty, so won't pull any punches  when I write about it.

Notice the lamps and fogs are not yellowed.  Commonly seen in less loved 993s

Also clear indicator lights. (amber ones included)  Rennsport front plate mount,

Craiglist:  I went that route, but quickly found I was spending a lot of time talking to time wasters and dealers (who are also time wasters).  Met a couple interesting guys, but mostly jackassess.  So Craiglist is over for me. A more patient man could stand it, but I could not.  Read my blog from 2011 here

eBay?  I expected nothing to come from eBay, but it costs nothing to try it, and gave me more content for my blog.  Bidding was actually good but not good enough.  This was expected,  you just cannot appreciate a car from a computer easily.  I did find it validating that the bidding reached that high, sight unseen.  What eBay did was generate interest, so now I've got to spend the next couple weeks meeting some of these interested people in person, and even pick two of them up at the airport, perhaps.   I don't mind this part, as most are cool car guys, but logistically I cannot meet up with these people any time soon.   I love waiting,  arrggghhh!  (BaT is next, since I've received no deposits from all these conversations)

Trades:  I've turned down full and partial trades that equated to my needs. Some were pretty compelling.   While I've declined these offers, I have enjoyed the photos sent to me.   

It actually sold once too, I pulled all my adds and then the buyer couldn't get financed.  He didn't know Porsches sell for way over KBB, so loans didn't work out for him like the bank promised. Great guy, most true Porsche people are actually.

What next if it sells?  I'll use the empty garage to my advantage,  Repainting and adding flooring etc. I've got two classic BMW motorcycles that need attention too.  Then when the bikes are complete, I'll start thinking seriously about another car.

What car next? I won't ever be getting a car equal to this one.  There are faster cars, but nothing is the "whole package" like a 993.  Seats the kids, visceral, emotional and historical significance. Damn I'm going to miss this car!  When I'm ready to buy one again, they'll be out of my price range I fear.

Idea's I have are much less expensive, but should feed my car guy needs somewhat.  I miss projects and as this car's value increased I felt hinderance to changing things on it.

  • 1. Alfa Spider QF from late '80s
  • 2. Alfa 1750 GTV or 2000 GTV 
  • 3. E46 M3 Convertible  (yes, common but great family sportscar)
  • 4. Miata MX5 Mazdaspeed edition  (these had turbochargers)
  • 5. Lotus Elise SC  (probably too prices, but I like em)
Leaning heavily toward numbers 2 and 3 above.

I'm in the first 30 seconds of above video. 

I'm at the 24 minute mark.
No issues in the trademark Porsche problem areas: 
1. no rust, no bubbles
2. no bad door hinges
3. no bad door locks
4. no service engine light
5. no smoke at startup 
6. no cracked door pockets

Documentation is complete as indicated by a huge
binder of receipts:

Note that although multiple owners are found in the carfax reports, I'm only the  3rd that's actually driven the car over 2,500miles.
  • 1997 July this 1998
    Carrera S  bought in October by  Dina M Austin TX
  • 1998 Nov 15,000mi
    Service Robert Beasley Porsche/Saab
  • 2000 July 30,000mi Service Robert Beasley Porsche/Saab
  • 2002 March 45,000mi
    Service Robert Beasley Porsche/Saab
  •  2004 sold to Samuel J of Gayson GA
  • 2005 60,000mi service: Plugs,  pads rotors
     by Jack Lewis LTD
  •  2007 New Clutch at 69,000mi
  • 2007 Sold to Bruce M
     of Wayazata, MN  (drove less than 2500 miles)
  •  2010 Sold to  Kelly S of Seattle (drove 1K
  • paint polish: cut/buff etc.
  • venture shield installed (rockguard stuff)
  •  photos of his detailing of the car (very high
    resolution)  are here.
  • 4 wheel alignment.
  • 70K mi  belts, rotor, plugs, wires,
    pollen filters, valve covers too and seals. 
    This was also done at 60,000mi
    service  in 2005
  • 2011 Kelly sells to me 
    (making me 3rd owner to drive over 3K miles)
  • ·        
    2 wheels were straightened and refinished
  • ·        
    Brake fluid fush,  Tranny flush  (while wheels
    were off the car)
  • ·        
    installed front protection bar, Carnewal
  • ·        
    replaced broken air wall (air curtain beneath spoiler)
  • ·        
    replaced motor drive for spoiler (these get noisy when old)
  • ·        
    installed aluminum Porsche OEM shifter (Thanks Rudy!),
  • ·        
    P-Car Mount, installed for phone
  • ·        
    Pad-Keeper installed, a must have accessory
  • ·        
    tiny plastic bits and switches to clean up cracked stuff
  • ·        
    fog lights and headlights refurbished
  • ·        
    installed euro indicators. 
  • Headlight washer nozzles replaced
  • A/C controls replaced
  • ·        
    calipers painted Guards red and "S" painted to
  • ·        
    Porsche console cup holder (instead of cassette storage
  • ·        
    Fender blemish and door strap repair.  (Apex Premier
    Porsche restorer, Denver)

 Condition and appearance of the
Glacier white never ceases to amaze people, including me.  It's been
pictured in Spiel twice and HighGear magazine once.  Porsche USA has
Tweeted photos of the car as well.  Lastly, Griots Garage has asked for
some photos taken at their facility.  I have not seen those pictures. 
I was a “founding father” of 993 Fest,
which means I didn't do shit but did show up to the first two events Nathan
graciously hosted.    So the cars been seen at that event in 2012 and
2013.  So if you don't recall meeting me (I'm not too memorable) you may
recall the car.  Or maybe you know someone who attended.
SAIC  (secondary
air inlet something or others)  
This car has had the dreaded SAIC light turn on twice, early
in my  5yrs of ownership,  I had the code cleared w/an OBD scan tool.  I then drove the car better, keeping the RPMs
up, and the service engine light never returned.  I would be remiss if I didn’t ask if the
concern is the dash light or that you aren’t recirculating air for a few secs
upon startup?  You don’t rebuild here,
though it is proposed by mechanics that serve bottled water.  You wait till you are rebuilding for other
reasons.  Typically the reason to rebuild
is valve guides, but even then I’ve seen Carreras with over 200,000 miles.  Use good oil w/lot so zinc and these motor
are TOUGH. They don’t suffer cataclysmic failures, they smoke a little.  Meanwhile there are many legitimate ways to
resolve this issue till you have your motor out.  There are a couple electronic solutions,   roto- rooter solutions and even a solvent
solution.  So, when  SAIC alerts eventually occur, don’t buy into rebuilding
just yet.   I’m not going speak further
on this, there is plenty of talk on Rennlist and Pelican on the subject

Owners:  If you study the Carfax, it can be confusing. But study a little closer, you'll see only 2 owners other than me actually drove the car at all.  Carfax, is a great asset for buyers, but also can paint a unflattering picture if read without a critical eye. 

Loans?   Yes you can get a loan on a collectible car.  Try Pentagon Federal Credit union,  they will loan perhaps 50% of this cars market value,  so you'll need a bunch of cash too.  they helped me buy it.  They are open 24/7 which is amazing for a bank.   

Does it burn oil?   Not a drop….. Of course it burns oil, but not a
notable amount.  I don’t track this kind of stuff like some maniacs
do.  I’m aware if you burn over a quart/1000 miles you should be alarmed,
and I’m not alarmed.
Have I tracked or raced the car?  I have not, nor did Kelly.  But It’s done
over 150mph more than once, shame on me.  I've had my fill of track days,
and would track a cheaper car but not this one.  I have done a DE day, to
familiarize myself, but this was low speed stuff for 4 hours.
Storage,  I’ve had it under a spandex cover in a heated garage since
I bought it.   Not an operating room, just a regular garage with a
couple space heaters.  I now use a bunch of packing blankets too, since
the kid wanders about with sharp objects.
Accidents?  Hell no, It has a clear Carfax.  I did bump a
fender in the garage, so that fender was repaired with paintless dent repair.
 Then it ended up requiring paint (no filler). Apex Autobody in
Denver did the work.  They are a premier shop featured on the cover of
Excellence recently.
Photo credit,  Rennlister John Nasser

The last Cars and Coffee at the Boulder/Lafayette location.  Sad they are moving this event.

Hagerty valuation tool used 9/27/2016   link here

This car rates as Excellent without a doubt.  However it has been driven.

So let's just call it  Good, since it's seen a massive 4,700mi/yr since 1998.

Photos taken  9/23/2016 (they are large, so click on them)

Turbo twist wheels are hollow in the 993 C2S, not in the C4S.  Lighter, cooler, expensive.

You should assume they are perfect and w/out curb rash.  You'd be assuming correctly.
Some wear here. click for recovering info
not yellowed
not yellowed either
Note: the airwall is not pictured, but it is not torn like on many Carreras
Note:   Door pockets aren't crushed or sagging.  (this is common)
Magazines it's pictured in.  

Don't EVER buy a car w/o a Factory radio.

These aren't wired like a Sony, so a lot of cutting happens.

 Shifters cost over $500 so check for wear.

Taken over past 5 years

Photos  6 yrs ago.

Clear signal markers was an easy and gratifying project.   
ROW Suspension level, I don't know what these are, but it handles like new

and rides the same height as the European cars.  No receipts for suspension work can be found.
This is how a repaired door strap should look like on a 911..
If you aren't checking these you don't know 911 weaknesses.
Go study.
This fender was resprayed after a stupid  garage mishap.  Looked bad, but was easily fixed.
That paintless dent repair is amazing.  but we still needed a little paint to make it 100%.
Work done by Apex auto in Denver.  A premier Porsche resto shop featured in Excellence  
My experience with this car has been an open book,  I live on Facebook so whatever I’ve done or experienced can be found on the 993Rennlisters  Facebook page or here on this blog.
Deep cleaning, I do this after every drive.  Can't be too clean..

Porsche Padkeeper and Mobil 1 oil sticker are now installed but not pictured. 

Brakes done in the garage. Easy project.  But since it was done by me,

it won't be on the Carfax.  Damn!