Apr 29, 2012


Some cars are loved, some cars are driven.  You can do both, and I'm going to take a minute to appreciate some cars that are Driven.   I'm talking about cars with enough wear to qualify as character.  I'm not meaning a cool car that is shot, or neglected.  I'm also not referring to a rich person, wasting a good car because they can.  I'm talking about a car, that has earned it's wear delivering a fantastic experience over a lifetime of use, and other variations on that idea.     

I tried my best to put honest wear on my Cobra for years, but in the end it broke my heart a little bit too.  Probably because I spent $14,000 on that paint.   The current owner considers those rock chips a badge of honor.  Good for him. 

This Carrera was spotted in the very crowded parking garage. Some oxidation, some rock chips but looking good.  As your interior develops the character of a comfy old sofa, consider tinting your windows like this guy. 
This Porsche was spotted at the XXX Rootbeer Stand during a PNWR show.  It certainly had character,  evidenced by older modifications holding up well because of the quality of the work and products.

Mustang fastback, careful observation shows plenty of body work just good enough for the road but too poor for the show scene.  An imperfect Mustang such as this inspires me to load up my dog, wife and sandwiches and hit the highway.  But since I don't know the owner, I better keep my distance.
I spotted this Carrera at the same XXX event a year earlier, I'm keen on those black painted Fuchs wheels.  Surely this was/is a track car.

Tired from years and years of loyal service.  This early Aurora brand Cobra kit was spotted outside the vintage auto races last 4th of July.  Check out those tail lights,   MG maybe?
While it photographed very well, my 1999 Ducati Monster 900 had character beyond it's years.  Easy to get when you buy from an 18 year old kid.
My previous 1986 Saleen Mustang might qualify as a car with character.   This was pretty shot but I restored it with mechanicals,  new interior, some pain, replica decals and a poor wheel restoration.  I'd say it was alright once complete, but wasn't going to win any concourse events.   I miss it, even if my wife did need a sports bra whenever we drove it.

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