Jun 8, 2012

Alfa 8C Sighting

Today we celebrate my first sighting of an Alfa Romeo 8C Competizione in its natural habitat, the road. Spotting significant cars at the track or at a show is boring in comparison to using your natural car guy radar in your day to day life. Of course I must confess, this one just pulled up next to me in the SRT8 while gassing up, something I seem to do pretty frequently.

While this is not a car I'm recommending, we only endorse supercars that are super-cheap at www.sportscarguyspeaks.com. It is very special and damnit, inspiring. It fills me with hope that other Alfas might pop up around here in the future.

Bob is the new owner of an Italian Supercar he picked up just yesterday. He and Lisa are enthusiastic about this new ride and are completely devoide of some of the indifferent snobbery that can accompany such cars. Unfortunately not every Supercar owner is a car guy. Being gracious toward admirers is your sacred duty. Although we spoke only for a minute, Bob is definitely one of us. Cheers Bob, and congratulations.

Oh, and also kudos to them for not having a panic attack over the sudden rain that hit during their drive today too.  If you can't afford a little rain on your car, you can’t afford the car.  Contrary to popular belief, even italian cars are water proof.

The newish Alfa 8C is a great way to penetrate the US market, I hope. Since these hit the road in 2008, I would have expected something to follow by now.  I sure hope we’ll see sedans again.   There is a certain understated magnificence to this little Alfa.   It’s dramatic, but not as loudly dramatic as a Ferrari or Lamborghini.  Designed a bit more purposeful than Maseratis current offerings,  not that Maseratis don’t have a place in my imaginary garage.   They got this car just right from an aesthetic perspective for sure.  I’ll leave the driving reports to the magazines.
I’d swap an BMW M3 or an Audi S4 for something like this one my wife admired in Europe a few years back.
If you've got less to spend, and Alfa's got your attention.  Try a little time travel.

Lastly, Bob is celebrating his wife Lisa's birthday with a ride out in the car. That's how I like to celebrate my wife's birthday too. In a ride in your Alfa Bob.

Addendum it looks like 2013 might see the arrival of our next Alfa.


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