Oct 24, 2013

Coffee outside of Boulder

Cars and Coffee just outside of Boulder Colorado.

Not the typical 400 cars I was told about, but pretty darn good for a quite freezing Colorado October morning.  A bit more modest than the Redmond Town Center I'm used to in Seattle.   But in Colorado's defense, sometimes so many super-cars just makes them all seem too common.  Why is it supercar owners never have dirt under their fingernails anyway?

This isnt a blog, but simply some iPhone pics to prove i am still alive.   I will return  in all my smart ass glory.  

Lots of paint harming silt on the roads after the Colorado floods,
So a once over with the good old Griots toys before morning was in order.
I'm no car waxing primadonna, but i'm no savage either..

 Like in the real world, if you're ugly and aren't rich
you must pair with the same.  Same is true for cars.
I learned to drive in an F150 just like that one.

Cant make your lease payments?  Many a fast car got paid for w/advertising.
So why does it sit poorly with me?
Mating Loti.  Green!  Good :)

I forget what these cars are called, but it was written on the drivers hat's.
Come to think of it, it was written on their shirts, socks and belt buckles too.

Some older Porsche owners are afraid of the dark.
I've got a new $50 Surefire flashlight that's brighter

Honda's answer to the Boxster.  I'd ordinarily edit these out.
But out of respect for new friends, they'll stay here for 48hrs.

I prefer the funkier Z3 Coupes,  but I'd take a Z4 if it was given to me I guess.
She may be old, but her ass is holding up great.  
The mountains loom larger than in WA, because they are closer and the air is thin.
Too bad the coffee is thin and clear too.  Switching to local beer instead

I know, domestic sports cars a fat and heavy.  But read those 3 numbers!
  427!!  Big blocks are F*#King cool  

What are these again?   Oh yeah, they are the other Porsches.
Other than 911's that is.  Cheap shot I know, get used to it.
If you aren't a Corvette fan then you are mistaking,  drive one at the track and you'll get it.
What they lack in interior panache they make up for in ass kicking,track day performance.
I don't own one, but borrow one frequently, from my mother.  Oh, and yes,
 my mom CAN kick your moms ass.

  Cars seem to congregate by model, like Cheerios in a bowl of milk.  I think they feel their own kind are less likely to give them a door ding or something.  Some brave loaners did attend without holding anyone else's hands.  Like Chuck Norris they were bad ass and arrived alone..

nope, it's not a Fiero kit car. 

Like when Porsche f-ed up their headlights in 1999
This too shall pass.  I hope anyway.

Hey, don't laugh.  Or I'll get Sally Field to bitch-slap you.
You could do worse that drive bird-dog for the Snowman

I love these, and I'll tell no jokes till I own or steal one

The only other 993 today.  They make Aerokit cars park further away.

Under the hood of this Carrera was so sexy.... For a minute I thought we were at Mardi Gras.
"Okay, now give me my beads"

I'm posting this XK120 to see if my dad really reads this blog

carbon mirrors are the only giveaway of the GT40 tribute. from this distance anyway.  

So as a newcomer to CO, It's safe to say: I have found the sports cars here at Cars and Coffee.   Like the name implies, people drive cars, and some drink the coffee.   For me, it's going to be called Cars and Bring A Thermos.  My Seattle coffee standards are hard to meet here along the front range of Colorado.  But I'll keep trying to find a place that knows what a Grande is, and report back


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