Apr 1, 2017

My 1984 R100RS BMW

The Ultimate Riding Machine
details on sale/listing are at end of blog

I'm a car guy, but when money is tight, you need an outlet for garage time.  So while I'm between cars I cleaned up this old BMW for winter entertainment.    I don't know what I'll do with it yet, but I already have a bike for the once a month coffee runs, and I don't ride more than that. 

The R100RS is a great GT Bike, for touring.  Not what I do, but it is a handsome machine.   

It was in excellent condition when acquired but I freshened it up a bit since it sat unused for over 10 years.  Starts instantly,  fast, silky smooth running and whisper quiet.  

Deep Jewel Green Metallic, 1984 R100RS.  Crystal clear headlight cover and windscreen.
  As I take these photos and get the bike out in the light, it's quite obvious why these machines are a cult classic.  Nothing looks like an R100RS for long rides.  Too bad I never go on any.
   Bings are all new inside.  Shifter rubber is new.  Petcocks rebuilt, Fuel lines new as well.

Basic work this winter: Oil, transmission, driveshaft, final drive and brake fluids serviced. Carb rebuild, petcock rebuilt, New rubber bits, battery and front master cylinder purchased and installed.  Finally some new decals, a lot of soap, wax and viola. Odometers shows 50,000 miles.  Like all BMW guys, the previous owner was a DIY person.

Getting those old carbs this shiny is not an easy task,  elbow grease is the magic ingredient.

Decals are unoriginal, but I had them made to capture my wife's affection.  She's a Packers fan.

I don't know if its the ride height or the weight of the bike, but I have a heck of a time getting on the center stand.
Cleaning behind that glass headlight cover is a must.  
People really talk up the Brembos over older brakes,  I don't see that dramatic of a difference.
I'd trade  this tail rack for a good old grab rail if i could find one.  But these racks were all the rage, so they are quite common.    
I think the dark green makes me think it's a sherifs patrol bike from my past teenage paranoia

  Saddle bags are clean, I like them better than Krausers, they hold helmets better.
Also they don't crack and have good functioning latches.

Cold Start video below

I got the bike lift for $300 at Harbor freight.  i'll sell it soon, now that i'm done.  

Master Cylinder is brand new. Grips are new, .

Work Performance front and rear suspension,  expensive, dual-spring rate and rebuildable.

 Powder coated wheels offend traditionalists but are great for riders.
Don't you just love stainless bolts?

Decals are monolever design in custom yellow, easily removed if green and yellow isn't your thing,.
I'm not taking em off till it's sold,  so use your imagination if yellow isn't your thing.

 Battery is new and secured with aluminum for no good reason.

 Owners manual, factory BMW service manual as well as Clymer and Haynes manuals included.

You can have whichever seat you desire.  

 professionally detailed.
There is ample evidence the previous owner was a dedicated technician and understood the importance of quality upkeep.   Judge for yourself.  (see below image and video).  BMW guys are a special breed.

 Contents of two binders pictured above is in video below.  

It's best to expand this video once played, 
so you can read the pages better.

If you want to know more about the Gold R90 in the background (some people have asked),  I have a blog about it here. 

Jan 24, 2017

Okay, so lets just say I'm between sports cars right now.

No, I didn't ever intend on selling my Carrera, as a common car-guy it was a very special day when I acquired it and a very sad one when I sold it.   Profit be damned, the car was the ultimate expression of just how cool I really am.  I knew before that auction closed, I'd be back.

When i return, let me tell you how things are going to be:

I will return with Car Guy vengeance!  I will  climb the highest mountain, fast and meditate as long as it takes to come up with the ultimate, and cheap, car guy acquisition.This acquisition will fill my empty soul while I wait for my Lotto ticket to come in and fund my next Porsche

That next acquisition must meet the following criteria.
1. Cost next to nothing.
2. Seat at least 3 people (is the McLaren F1 expensive?)
3. Come in a manual transmission
4. Speak volumes about my genius via it's esoteric coolness
5. It should also be the fastest car I've ever owned.
6. Unnaturally aspirated (helps with the Colorado altitude)

Now enlightened by peyote, or whatever shit those mountain geniuses consume, I will know the car that is this next project.  That project will begin with the search for the perfect machine.  My new found vigor will set Craigslist ablaze with witty emails and texts.  My genius that dazzle jackass online sellers to the point of begging me to take their overpriced cars for free.  

****Time lapse*****

I have visited this mountain and here is what I've come up with.  My mission will be to  solve an important car-guy problem:

How to compete with today's super-sedans on the super cheap

Saab 9-3 Viggen.  A lot of people will think I'm crazy. A Turbo 4 seater with esoteric cachet. This could tide me over for a year or two once I squeeze 300+ hp out if it.   The trick is, finding one with under 100,000 miles and under $15,000 which i'm finding impossible.

Yes, the M3 sedan may seem a little common, but that can be a good thing.  Parts are readily available.  The right wheels, sprinkle a little Dinan here and there,  then hide some enormous Brembos behind those wheels, and you've got something interesting to whomever is paying attention.  Finding a sub 100K example w/manual trans and $15,000 is hard, but shouldn't be impossible, But it is proving a test of one's patience.

Other Cars i'm open to.
1. Competition Package 2005,6 M3 Coupes w/manual
2. 2006 M3 Convertible, manual tran  V  (not a fan of convertibles unless  really nice)
3. Save for another year, buy a 996TT    
4. Miata Turbo if one becomes available in stock condition locally.   
5. 944 Turbo,  but only when in above average condition. 

Stay tuned