Jan 24, 2017

Okay, so lets just say I'm between sports cars right now.

No, I didn't ever intend on selling my Carrera.  As a common car-guy it was a very special day when I acquired it and a very sad one when I sold it.   Profit be damned, the car was the ultimate expression of just how cool I really am.  I knew before that auction closed, I'd be back.

When i return, let me tell you how things are going to be:

I will return with Car Guy vengeance!  I will  climb the highest mountain, fast and meditate as long as it takes to come up with the ultimate, and cheap, car guy acquisition.This acquisition will fill my empty soul while I wait for my Lotto ticket to come in and fund my next Porsche

That next acquisition must meet the following criteria.
1. Cost next to nothing.
2. Seat at least 3 people (is the McLaren F1 expensive?)
3. Come in a manual transmission
4. Speak volumes about my genius via it's esoteric coolness
5. It should also be the fastest car I've ever owned.
6. Unnaturally aspirated (helps with the Colorado altitude)

Once enlightened by peyote, or NOS energy drink, I will know the car that is my next project.  That project will begin with the search for the perfect machine. My new found vigor will set Craigslist ablaze with witty emails and texts.  My genius will dazzle jackass online sellers to the point of begging me to take their overpriced cars for free, just for the fame of knowing me.  The search will ultimately end with me impatiently buying some clapped out "bargain." 

****Time lapse*****

I have visited this mountain and here is what I've come up with.  My mission will be to  solve an important car-guy problem:

How to compete with today's super-sedans on the super cheap

Saab 9-3 Viggen.  A lot of people will think I'm crazy.  Offered in 2 or 4 door it certainly has esoteric cachet. This could tide me over for a year or two once I squeeze 300+ hp out if it.   The trick is, finding one with under 100,000 miles and under $15,000 which i'm finding impossible.  It also seems most of them are beaten to hell.

Yes, the M3 sedan may seem a little common, but that can be a good thing.  Parts are readily available.  The right wheels, sprinkle a little Dinan here and there,  then hide some enormous Brembos behind those wheels, and you've got something interesting to whomever is paying attention. Finding a sub 100K example w/manual trans for $15,000 is hard, but shouldn't be impossible, But it is proving a test of one's patience.  (hint:  link here)

Other Cars I'm open to.
1. Competition Package 2005,6 M3 Coupes w/manual
2. 2006 M3 Convertible, manual trans  (not a fan of convertibles unless  really nice)
3. Save for another year, buy a 996TT    
4. Miata Turbo if one becomes available in stock condition locally.   
5. 944 Turbo,  but only when in above average condition. 

Stay tuned