Jun 30, 2017

What's up with the M3

Objective: Make an example of the coolest M3 possible in 1997
Secondary Objective:  Compete with the new Alfa Guila QF for about $20,000 

Progress is slow, meanwhile I will still clean up and fix minor stuff,  but i'm saving for my Dinan goodies too.   I plan on reaching my objective "thriftily."   I bought it well, and don't want to overspend when done.   So projects need to be conceived and implemented with that in mind.   


It's cool enough to take to  Car's and Coffee w/out parking several blocks away and sneaking in on foot.

It's funny, if you are a car guy, it doesn't matter if your car is worth $80K or $18K;  you'll still obsess over every detail and turn around to look at it in parking lots.  I like that sappy shit :)

Home made motorsport bedazzlement,  too much?  
How to personalize w/out doing something stupid?  This is a constant battle. The decal under the rear door is that attempt.   Those large BMW-motorsports flag decals require at least 300hp.  Without the power to back up a sticker,  you'll be a sticker dip shit.   Note to self:  Do not be a dip shit. 

While It looks good, it doesn't feel good.   I've begun selecting a panel and polishing with progressive  abrasive polish.  Once I use up all this Griots stuff i'll go shopping for some Adams Polishing supplies, he's our local car finish hero in Colorado.  It is helping tremendously but takes a long time to do properly.

Turd polishing.  I'm polishing the original indicators which are not perfect, but the quality is far better than the aftermarket crap I tried installing.   So that low quality crap is gone and future stuff may be used but never low quality.

Waiting for my new plates to arrive. M34-Door 5 Speed.  This description is a bit esoteric but means something to the right people.  When I found it was available, I pounced.  Most sedans were automatics and just 4,574 M345's were sent to N.America.  Surviving M345's aren't rare, but aren't common either, especially since many have been turned into race cars.  That's a cool thing to say to people.

"I had a hard time finding this M345 since many are now race cars"  I a little get cooler each time I say it.  

Why wash the wheel center, when you can dye it?   Just paint over that dirt, yep that's what I'd do.

 Now it doesn't look like it came from the salvage yard, which of course, it did.   If ever wonder if vinyl dye works, check back in a month or two.  

I'll probably buy a couple spare sets of pedals like these, since they can't possibily hold up well given the price point.    Screw's are likely a failing point, but that's what Festenal is for.  

Not pictured, but Fresh OEM floor mats are a MUST.  Still available on eBay and Amazon for $100-150, so I've installed them too.  
What's next?
  • Roundel replacement with OEM stuff
  • Window tinting, it's hot in Colorado
  • A/C compressor (it's getting noisy)
  • Iphone connectivity, if OEM head unit can stay
  • Redying steering wheel airbag rubber
  • Dinan Exhaust
  • Dinan/Fiske wheels

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