Jun 14, 2019

Jenny Craigslist returns (Jenny Craigslist2)


It's like fishing.  Catch and release.  Soon it will be time to return Jenny Craigslist2 to where she came from.

So watch Boulder's craigslist in a few weeks.  
Then go get some of that kid's college money, call an Uber, and ride Jenny home. 

When you  can't afford or even to store any more cars  what do you do?  Fulfill the urge to buy shit with motorcycles,  they are a cheap substitute for cars.   

The original Jenny Craigslist
I like the Goldwing as my "alternative" project to cars.  Everyone does custom tiny displacement bikes as Cafe's or Flat-Trackers. I prefer something with some meat on its bones and more character.

With the original Jenny Craigslist1 being a pretty good project, I thought I'd try it again with a more premium example of the motorcycle.
Jenny Craigslist1 after a couple months.  

A half-million miles is feasible and you'll find the GL1100 holds some mileage records reflecting that.   Any 80's Honda is so reliable you can run them on chocolate milk or even nuclear waste and the motors will simply beg for more. They also can sit with garden hoses draped over them for years and suddenly "wake up" without needing a trip to the dealership. TRY THAT WITH A 35 YEAR OLD DUCATI. 

True story:   My brother stored a Honda CR125 for 13yrs in northern Minnesota,  changed the plug, primed the carb and it started in one kick.  I've got witnesses.

The holy grail of acquisitions is one owner bikes sold because the owner's hemorrhoids are finally to large for him to ride any longer. Typically these sort of guys end up on trikes with hospital beds for seats, or even one of those Polaris Slingshots.   The bike below wasn't exactly the holy grail scenario, but darn close.   Bonus!, it wasn't poop brown like so many Goldwings of that era.  Another Jenny Craigslist project began. 

Image result for gl1100 with vetter fairing goldwing
 this is a photo from the web but you get the picture
Step one, Jenny's diet. 

 Handle bar, crash bars, fog lights and fenders  were trashed.   
The kid requested the windscreen for his "Spaceship" or something or other.
Luggage will store tie down straps in the back of the raptor now.

too bad I cant use these. they look expensive

converted to storage in my truck bed.
now holds chains and tie down straps


Jenny Craigslist1 had the wiring perverted to the point of unrecognizable.  That took a week to sort out.  Jenny Craigslist2 was blessed with nearly perfect electrical components.  Even the Vetter components appeared professionally wired (probably a dealer back in 1982).  Perfectly preserved stuff is so nice to work on.  I enjoyed being the first guy to ruin it.   

Off with the"ape-hangers" and on with black flat bars.
  I ordered them extra wide, like I order my condoms.   
Jenny Craigslist1 required some resealing for oil, forks, and exhaust leaks.  Jenny Craigslist2 Doesn't leak a drop of fluid or exhaust. Shit, this is too easy! So with pristine chrome exhaust that has survived 36 yrs, I doubled down on that crap with some chrome valve stem covers, woo hoo!.

I'm still brainstorming, on getting the front headlight lower.
Also by the time you read this i'll have lowered the front suspension.

What you see are fenders.  They come in handy for WATER.
You know, water you on the road after rain?  Yep, pretty ingenious things.

Bucking convention, I skipped the hipster fenderless bike crap.  After some Old Chub beer and a few episodes of Full Custom Garage, I sought our chrome 70's fenders on eBay.  Once they arrived I cut em up a little and viola!  A 70's chrome, bobberish look.  
Rear fender looks stock, but is actually off 1970's bike.
I cut them down about 6 inches shorter, hard to notice.

Frame mods?  Glad you asked.  I didn't chop off the rear of this bike to look like a stupid cafe bike that's trying too hard.  Yes I have a MIG welder and a cutoff wheel.  But I don't like those kind of bikes.  I prefer changes that are more subtle.     I'm still working on something snarky to say here, come back later and i'll think of something.

Okay, it's not technically a frame modification.
It's more of a factory seat mount amputation. 
Holes welded up,  and a little sanding.
I should start my own reality TV show .

I know Jenny is slow by today's standards, but I feel she is speedy in a sort of RoadKill kind of way.  Those tiny Honda CB350's everyone is building are cute, but they won't pass an RV on a mountain road will they?   Okay, she still may be big boned but having lost so much weight she's anxious to put out.  She’s "fast enough for you old man."   (if you missed the Star Wars reference there please find another blog to read, we don't want you here)

Some things just look pretty right, but in reality are a huge pain.
I bought a MIG welder, learned to weld and mounted this seat.
Don't you just love YouTube?

For the droves of hotties I'll be taking home from clubs a cooler saddle was required.  One that says, "sit here and be completely uncomfortable,"   The new custom seat is brutally uncomfortable as any good custom should be.  Fake crocodile skin was cheaper than brass riveted leather,  Think of it as a vinyl coated brick that costs about the same

The sofa seat was great for riding from Florida to Arizona to visit retirement homes.

The factory seat was so ugly I chose to ride around with no seat.
I can't take credit, for the upgraded suspension.  The previous owner upgraded the suspension  to the popular Progressive brand air ride stuff.  Yes it leaked air, but silicone, o-rings and a dab of JB Weld turned off that warning light pretty easily.  Don't you love cheap fixes?  A man is defined by his junk drawer.   

Clear turn signals, and wicked LED lenses. Headlight coming too.
Yes, cool bikes are all "murdered" out in flat black these days,
 I've effectively rationalized the lazy, cheap route of chrome.  

The upside to choosing a project bike that typically weighs about 800lbs is the brakes are pretty darn good.   3 discs with twin piston calipers on an '37 yr old machine.  Jenny knows how to stop.  

Somebody loved these.  Rotors, pads and brake lines are all new.  

Jenny's MOTOR is fine. Not even a puff of white smoke at startup and with 68,000 miles on the odometer.  Goldwing motors wear like car motors, so it's possible it's just been well cared for.  It's also possible it's been rebuilt.  I've got no clue, but I dig it.  What is apparent is plugs wires and carbs are all sparkly fresh and that's good because carbs are like the moon to me.   Something mysterious goes on inside carburetors that i cannot understand.  It's just unnatural.

Frame guards had to go,  your shins hit them.  

I don't know what we have here.  A Goldwing Custom. Bobber,  Cafe Racer, Flat Tracker, Transcontinental Cafe?  Perhaps simply a Goldwing Sportster.   Whatever it is, it's got a certain character that is awesomely majestic and more unique than most Craigslist Cafe bikes.  To sum up riding it,  it kind of like taming a rhino and riding it around, expect attention and photos.  

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