Mar 27, 2022

Going to go older and more analogue, the quest for a 993 or 964 resumes.

While the 997.2 may just be the best analogue Porsche left for under $100,000, your definition of analogue can vary quite a bit. Before manual transmissions are gone forever, I think I'll need just one more, so I'm compiling some photos in preparation to sell or trade my 997.2 Carrera 4S for something a bit more "shifty" that also smells like oil all the time.

My 2010 Carrera 4S was a step in the right direction.

Full hood rock protection was added in 2021.
Headlights, bumpers, and partial fenders were done earlier.

Car has been ceramic coated for past 10 years.
Most recent application was completed in 2021

While originally optioned with PSE, It presently has a Tubi system.
The Tubi system is a bit loud till it's warmed up, but I've received 
only praise and admiration from the neighbors thus far.

These are the Porsche Turbo wheels appropriate to the car.
Also pictured are an inexpensive Starke Fuche replicas for snow.

Alcantara headliners, and leather trim wrap most surfaces in the car.
Seats are heated, and air conditioned.  Electrically adjustable as well.

Front bumper shows a few cracks in the paint hidden behind rock guard.
A perfectionist would want to remove the rock guard and respray.

Rear bumper was repainted to correct a single crack that displeased me in 2021.

Steering wheel,  gear selector and E- brake enhanced w/Alcantara in 2021
Optional Porsche Paddles were also added to replace buttons for PDK shifts, 
Sport Chrono option can be spied here too.  

I'm far from a professional blogger.
Which is why I cannot rotate this image.